Pet Tales - Letters from PetGuard Customers

This is The Empress Saltina, Savory Seafood Dinner is about the only cat food she has been able to keep down since I adopted her almost 5 years ago. (She is now almost 13 years old.)

Saltina's Mom





I wanted to share that since being on your dry cat food, Jasmine hasn't thrown up once. She threw up several times a week on her old food Science Diet that I found out was loaded with GMO's.

What a blessing for your food; She likes the wet food samples you supplied and she has had so much fun with the organic cat nip as well which I so much appreciated in my order.

Thank you PetGuard!
Celestine & Jasmine

Your food is just fabulous! Stevie licks the bowl clean and is a very, very content kitty after that! Since we have started feeding him Pet Guard, he has the energy of a cat much younger than his 10 years! Thank you! I believe your food will enable Stevie and I to enjoy each other for many more years to come! .

Kindest regards,
Stevie and Jayne!


I thought you might be interested to hear what my sneaky cat did today after I purchased a bag of the Purrlicious for her at New Seasons Market. I was bringing in all the groceries I had purchased and didn't really think about what was in each fabric shopping bag.

WELL, my sneaky little critter smelled the bag of Purrlicious, dug it out of the shopping bag, took it into the living room and ripped it open so she could enjoy her treats in peace. I'm attaching a photo I took of her having a 2nd helping of her treats.

FYI: her name is Toc which stands for THE orange cat - if you don't believe she is THE orange cat...just ask her...she will tell you! LOL!
She was a rescue cat who decided that we Needed a cat in our lives; she just moved right in and adopted us. She looks and acts like a Siberian. We have been owned by her since 2000 and the vet thought she was about 4-6 yrs old then. Being a "senior" cat has not slowed her down one bit; but then, I try to feed her organic food/treats and she is an indoor cat.

Anyway, thanks for reading this. Like most cat owners, I Love to talk about my kitty.

Janet Wehlitz

Here is Ben, my yorkie, who's a service dog.  He's almost 9 months old now & he loves your PetGuard Organic Lifepath.


My husband and I have found no better and healthier product on the market than PetGuard. Our cats are so happy with this food and the ingredient list is the only one I have found that mimics nature.

Sarah, Scott, Rooibos and Maui

I am thrilled that I found a reasonably priced high quality canned food that my cat actually enjoys eating.

Thanks for making my cat a happy one!

Dear PetGuard,
We wanted to send you a picture of our pug, Lily, who loves Mr. Pugsly's Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits. They are her favorite! This is a picture of her on Christmas after unwrapping her Mr. Pugsly's. She is very happy!

Thank you for making such great biscuits!

Shannon & Matt

Just wanted to let you know that my Cairn Terrier, Chloe Mae, absolutely LOVES Mr. Pugsly's Peanut Butter treats. It took trying several different treats that she could tolerate and Mr. Pugsly's is the BEST! She gets so excited every time she sees the package

Thanks for making such a wonderful product.

Baxter, Oscar and Felix are all rescued cats. I have had them since they were kittens when I began feeding them PetGuard Chicken and Wheat Germ. They are fed twice a day as my veterinarian recommends. I add some filtered water around the food so they have plenty of fluid in addition to their water bowl. As you can see from the picture, these guys are healthy, happy cats. Their coats are shiny and soft and they are trim and fit. I consider how much I would increase my own health and vitality if I fed myself food as high in quality as PetGuard! :o)

Teddy is an adopted pound dog who is 6 years old. Angie took him in and gave him the love he needed. He was rail thin, with worms and a cough when Angie adopted him. He is now a healthy young man who acts like a puppy again. He has been a PetGuard dog from the day Angie adopted him and has thrived ever since. This picture is Teddy's first look at his new sister Isabella. He is very protective of her and has welcomed her into the family with open paws.


I wanted to say how much my cat, Nudge, and I love Pet Guard. He loves the food so much that he actually will sit up on his hind legs to get his food. Premium Feast is one of his top favorite kinds. I as a pet owner love it because it makes his coat and skin beautiful! I have tried other brands BUT Pet Guard works! He usually gets dry, flaky skin in the winter but this year his skin is so much better!
Thank you for your wonderful product!

I had been buying your products for several months for my toy poodle mix and 6 cats (all strays and rescues). Considering the current economy, I started trying to cut back my spending on EVERYTHING. I started buying huge bags of a grocery store brand, and did not feel too guilty when I saw that all my pets seem to like it just fine. However, it did not take too long for me to start noticing a difference in the health in some of my little family members. Nothing serious, but I did notice my dog's stool was sometimes too soft and she started having sleep crud in the corners of her eyes. One of my cats seems to now have a skin allergy or irritation. And, they all just seem to want to eat and sleep; they seem full, but not satisfied, constantly wanting to eat. I never saw these symptoms when I strictly fed PetGuard premium foods. So, today, I went the local Grassroots Market and purchased both dry and canned dog and cat foods, as well, as the Mr. Pugsly's Peanut Butter treats. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you now have a loyal customer. I won't sacrifice my pets' wellbeing again.
Thank you on behalf of Lily, Magic, Diamond, Phillip, Calypso, Myrna, & Quentin

Dear Mr. Barky.
My name is Sinbad, I am a 14 year old black and tan standard Dachshund living amongst cornfields in Indiana.  I am very well behaved and am often rewarded by my two legga' companions with some of your tasty treats.  I enjoy them very much - in fact - they are the ONLY 'hard' biscuit treats I eat. I could easily go through a box or two if the two legga's would let me.
Here is a photo of me licking my lips after enjoying a few of your flavorsome treats.

PS.  I like your hat

My finicky kitty loves your canned cat food! Also I love the fact that you do not test on animals. Good job, and keep it that way!

Thank you, Amy



After months of skin rashes and staph infection and huge vet bills for a dermatologist ,a drugged unhappy very itchy mini dachshund was started on a vegan diet (on a whim of mine since I'm vegan) and was much more comfortable within a week .Within a month he was and is a different dog. I feel so much better about his improving and about the ethical way you produce a great product thank you from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of Buzz's belly. We are so much better because of you.



After so many years of PetGuard taking such good care of Sees' nutritional needs, I thought I would share a photo of our "Sweet Girl", as she was dubbed by the Vet at the anti-cruelty society. Shortly before we discovered the benefits of PetGuard, Sees had some serious digestive issues.  Our personal Vet tried some medicinal options and none seemed to work well.  At that time, I felt that I should explore a healthy alternative to medication and I went to a Health Food store with the intention of letting my instinct guide me.  I came home with the first of many petguard food items and, as they say, "the rest is history".  Not only did the initial problem get eradicated, but Sees' wonderful coat of soft, luxurious hair even became healthier!

Thank you for your continuing support to her happiness and good health.

Best wishes,


Arthur's mother was pregnant, living behind a dumpster, when she was rescued. His first months of life were spent in a box, inside a fraternity house. When I brought Arthur home, he was surrounded with love, kisses, and a new big sister (another rescued kitty), Marilyn. I work in the natural healthcare field and feel grateful for Petguard products. I am very mindful of what I put into my body and feel so good giving Arthur such nourishing, whole foods--especially considering his rough start in life. Food is medicine--for all living creatures. Watching him and Marilyn snuggle up after breakfast fills my heart with pure love and contentment. I witness how happy they are and I know that I am doing the absolute best for my babies.

Best Regards,
Happy PetGuard Customer


I just wanted to let you know that before switching to PetGuard my cat was having problems with reocurrring feline acne on his chin. Now that I have been giving him PetGuard for the last 5 years or so he hasn't had it once, and he has a beautiful shiny coat. The high quality ingredients in PetGuard really make a difference.

Best Regards,
Michele, NYC




I just wanted to let you know that I have a kitten that had been

vomiting after eating everything except for yogurt for about a month

and a half. The vets couldn't figure out what was wrong with him. I tried sprinkling your Natural Digestive Enzyme Blend for cats in his food and low and behold he has not been vomiting anymore!

Thank you so much!



I just have to write to thank you for your wonderful product. My cat eats it so enthusiastically I thought it must be junk food. I confirmed at the shop I go to that it was the best food I could buy.

I also heard what a thoughtful, ethical company you are. Keep up the good work!





Just wanted to let you know my Maltese (18 mos old) was recently diagnosed with a liver shunt. His vet tried many of the Prescription diets but he still continued to have seizures..I have him on the canned vegetarian feast and he hasn't seizured for 3 days..I'm thrilled...

Thank you.
Loretta & "Cody Alexander"

Dear Loretta,

We are thrilled with Cody's progress. We hope you will share your success with your veterinarian and we wish you and Cody continued good health.


Just wanted you to know that I took my dog to a dog wash benefiting the Lakewood Animal Shelter. Your company donated PetGuard shampoo for the dog wash. I'd never used it before; I fell in love with it so I bought some and started using it. My dog has allergies which show up as skin problems and this shampoo has been wonderful. His skin isn't flaking anymore and his coat is very soft and fresh. The no-tears part is great too, it seems to be true. I never used to wash his head or face and now I do and it doesn't seem to bother his eyes. I thought you should know that supporting stuff like charity dog washes pays off for your company. I never would have tried it on my own. And shelters are near and dear to my heart (my dog is a rescue). Thanks for a great product and for your support of shelters and their fundraisers.



I can't even begin to tell you about the change in my dog. He is an 18yr old peekapoo and since he's been eating the pet guard (about a year now) the thinks he's a puppy again! The vet can't believe how healthy he is for his age, No other food has had near this type of impact on him.






Dear Sirs/Mesdames,
Just a short note to inform you as to how well your Barky's Vegetarian Dog Biscuits are liked by the local canine (and wildlife). I live in New Jersey and am accustomed to taking a 2 mile walk every morning and evening.  I have been doing so for over 20 years.  During this time I have become acquainted with the neighborhood dogs and have befriended them with a greeting and a Barky.  The number of dogs approximates 20 and I cannot tell you how many boxes I have purchased in order to keep up with the demand.  They look forward to their treat and the owners usually tell me that they don't care for the cookies that they have given them. They do like the Barky's however and some would no doubt finish a whole box if I gave it to them. Evidently the word has gotten around as just recently I left a biscuit on the fence post for my next door neighbor's dog as he was in the house during my walk.  A few minutes later I looked out the window to see if he got his biscuit and saw a squirrel sitting on the post chomping away at the biscuit I had left for "Rudy". Thought you might like to know that the squirrels like them too.

Very truly yours,


Dear PetGuard,
I want to thank you for making your dry organic vegetarian formula for dogs. I have three beloved shihtzus who have skin and gastrointestinal problems on meat based foods.  Also, I am vegan and have desperately wanted to sever my tie to the slaughterhouse previously maintained only through my dogs. Although your veggie dry food is not vegan since it contains eggs, I still feel more comfortable with it than with any other food, AND my dogs love it. As a bonus, their skin has cleared up and stools are completely normal for the very first time. So again, we all thank you for your fine products.Thank you for providing such a quality product.  My dog and cats are always  so healthy and their coats are so shiny!  It's been such a relief to know I  can trust your products!



Dear PetGuard,
Thank you for providing such a quality product.  My dog and cats are always  so healthy and their coats are so shiny!  It's been such a relief to know I  can trust your products!







 My darling Shama, posing here as a little waif selling her violets, and I are both vegetarian. The quality of her diet is very important to me and one great thing about Petguard's vegetarian food is that it is also organic. After a lot of research I feel that the canned and the dry vegetarian formulas fulfill all of her nutritional needs and she enjoys eating both. It is a great comfort to know that the food I give to this little 5 pounder (who thinks she is a Rottweiler) is safe and healthy. 

Many Thanks, Shama's mom,



For the last few months that I've had Amy, I put her on Pet Guard and the difference is amazing. Before she was mine, she ate the commercial food, but since she's been on PetGuard everyone that knew her before asks me what I'm giving her because she looks so healthy and her fur is so soft and fluffy like cotton balls...Of course I tell them PetGuard..

Proud pet parent,




My cats love your canned food! Thank you for making a quality product.



I am so impressed by PetGuard! Thank you for your outstanding products.

Karen - NC


I wanted you to know that my kitties, Chanel and Kingston just love your catnip. They call it MEOWIE WOWIE. Chanel will wrap his paws around the tin and call to me until I open the lid and let him stick his head in and breathe deep. I made the mistake of not closing the lid tightly and Kingston pulled it all out and was proud and euphoric. We can NEVER be without it! Oh and the tins are beautiful!!

Chanel, Kingston & Mary




Pumpkin is only 2.5 years old and six months ago was diagnosed with heart disease. He lost a lot of weight (went from 19 pounds to 15 pounds) and had to have heart medicine three to four times a day to try to prolong his life. He would not accept pills and we had to find a wet food to mix in the liquid medicine.

After trying many foods, our natural food store carried Pet Guard and we bought some. Pumpkin loved the food. It is the only food he will eat. It is critical that he maintain his weight as he cannot afford to get any thinner or weaker. The Pet Guard food has been a life saver for Pumpkin. Our other four cats all love the food as well.

Pumpkin is doing so well. He has a slight impairment in his back legs due possibly to a blood clot that passed. However, he is getting around and interacting and really enjoying life. Thanks to Petguard and his medicines, he has real quality of life and is a happy animal. We can't thank you enough because he is our loving animal who we adore. You have helped us prolong Pumpkin's life and we are grateful for every day that we have with him and our other cats.

I have recommended the Petguard cat food to quite a few other friends. One of our friends has a cat that had dental work and could only eat pureed food. The Petguard wet food is the perfect food for their animal..

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help spread the word about how wonderful the Petguard food is for animals

Best regards, David


Hello PetGuard,

My name is April and I am a veterinary assistant. Before I started working the veterinary medical field, my cat "Kit-Kat" was diagnosed with FLUTD. Luckily, he survived the surgery and treatments. The doctor told us to keep him on the prescription diet for feline crystals. He gained so much weight! Over two years, he gained 6 lbs on this food. One pound for a cat is like twenty pounds on a person! I switched him then over to a prescription diet food that was formulated for overweight cats and cats with urinary problems. He did not lose weight. It only caused him to have more frequent bowel movements. I realized that a main cause of urinary problems with cats is caused by not drinking enough water? Why feed dry food? Canned can supply water and add to the total amount the cat is eating. Makes sense! Since I work in a clinic, I run his blood work and urinalysis regularly. While on the 'prescription food', he showed lipids in the blood, and had very concentrated urine. I was very worried of him having a second blockage. I became interested in natural and holistic veterinary health, and decided to try Petguard. Since being on Petguard canned food mixed with a very small amount of dry, he has lost 5 of those 6 pounds! He is urinating more and with less strain. And last blood work shows no lipid levels in the blood! I believe this food helped with his urinary problems, and helped him from possibly becoming a diabetic cat, too! My other two cats are eating 2 meals of Petguard canned, and have perfect blood work results and smaller stools. Thank you, Petguard, for helping animals and their owners alike!!!

April P. in New Mexico


Hi PetGuard,

I just thought you might want to know that I have been told by a holistic vet at the University in Florida and at least three trusted veterinarian friends in North Carolina that PetGuard is the best food on the market today. I have tried making my pets’ food because of my concerns over by products, animal parts and other equally noxious stuff that is in commercial pet food. Well, my “kids” didn’t like what I made. This hurt my ego but I have recovered thanks to PetGuard. Thanks for taking the time to investigate what is good and wholesome and then putting those ingredients in your food. My animals can’t thank you in words but they sure do in the way they look and the way they interact with me…and I simply want to pass their thanks on. Two of my kids came from a shelter almost 18 years ago. They have some aging issues but are pretty darn good looking and good feeling thanks to your great food.

Trixie Two Shoes, Casey Lee, Daisy Bell, Abigail, Murphy, Annie Reilly, Angelique and Trooper Bear’s Mom


Your LifeSpan dog food has literally brought our Golden back to health. I had heard that over breeding Goldens has led to skin allergies and more. Our ten year old started suffering a couple of years ago, and every spring through summer, we did everything we knew of to "cure" his itching skin. Once a digestion problem started, I quit the processed dry food and started with the Chicken Pet Guard. Within a month of eating nothing but your food, his coat filled back out and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the allergy is gone! What a difference a food makes.

Kathryn Nicholas


Hello PetGuard,

I switched to PetGuard after my 10 year old Bigfoot developed a severe, horrid skin problem and subsequent heart failure from oral steroids. I wanted him to have the best out there and to keep him as long as possible. He and my other two cats are doing so plendidly. Bigfoot’s coat is like silk! One major thing I notice is that they are much more satisfied on PetGuard, though eating less volume. With two other brands, these cats were driving me NUTS whenever I ate because they were hungry ALL THE TIME. Never satisfied. Bigfoot, Seattle and Happy are actually a lot more relaxed now. Thanks for everything!




I just wanted to tell you about my experience with your PetGuard Shampoo and Conditioner. Your product is fantastic! You have a loyal customer as of today. My mini pin's skin is...err, was in terrible shape but your product has stopped her scratching and solved the dry skin problem after the first bath!! I have been praying and searching for a product to use on Bella's dry skin. And your product is a miracle from God!! First, it was hot spots, and then I thought it was the mange. Then I was clueless and took Bella to the Vet and they had no idea either. And they failed to make suggestions but after an expensive vet bill I was at my wit's end. Until today when I was determined to change Bella's diet and shampoo. I was sick of the smell of Sulfo shampoo and the skin medication for hot spots didn't solve the flaking dry skin or scratching. I knew she didn't have fleas but didn't know what to put on her extremely dry skin. I found your shampoo on the shelf in a grocery store and read the label again and again. I knew or I hoped in my heart of hearts that the answer was on the way home with me. I gave Bella a bath and dried her off and waited. She didn't scratch. I couldn't see the flakes of dry skin either!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you for a fantastic product!!




Thanks PetGuard,

We have two English Springer Spaniels, Brandi (10) and Beaux (7). Earlier this year, Brandi was diagnosed with a cancerous mammary tumor as well as a non cancerous fatty tumor on her back leg. At the suggestion of our vet, she had surgery ASAP.

All during their lives, we have only fed them, as we thought, “ultra premium” dog food that we purchase from a national pet supply store. We have since replaced both Brandi’s and Beaux’s regular dog food with PetGuard’s natural products, the dry food and the canned flavors. We feel that Brandi has had a very speedy and healthy recovery from surgery because of your products and we see a dramatic change in Beaux as well. Both have extremely soft and shiny coats, with very little, if any, shedding. Their eyes are clear and sharp, and they seem to be much more mentally alert. You have definitely extended AND saved their lives.

Both of them mean the world to us. A very heart felt THANK YOU.

Wayne and Yvonne


Dear PetGuard, 

I'm not even sure how to begin to thank you for this product...

Our cat Chuck was born in 1987 and is still with us today thanks to Petguard. About 2 months ago, Chuck stopped eating and became incredibly lethargic. I took him to the Vet, ready to have him put to sleep as it looked like he had finally used up his last life.

The vet looked him over and gave me 3 options. Put him to sleep, put him in the kitty hospital ($600 minimum) or run some tests to see what was wrong with him. The vet initially diagnosed him with kidney failure and said his chances were pretty slim to pull through.

The next day, the vet called with the results of the tests... his kidneys were fine and there was nothing wrong with him except for extreme anemia. He was unable to figure out why as all the tests showed nothing else wrong. My options were then to do a transfusion, put him to sleep or try some vitamins over the next day or so and see what happened.

My wife went to the health food store where Petguard was suggested.... so she got some and force fed it to Chuck. Well, about 3 hours later, Chuck wanted something to eat. From that point on, he just came back to life in a way that was amazing to watch. In the last 2 months, he has put on several pounds and has been eating better than he ever has.

The other amazing thing is that about 10 years ago, Chuck was diagnosed with Megacolon. Basically, everything was getting stuck inside him. After 3 rotorootings and $1200 in vet bills, we kind of got it under control. This involved feeding him Cisipride 2 times a day (later banned for human consumption) as well as fiber. But, as soon as he was on Petguard, the megacolon was literally gone. We have stopped the Cisipride altogether and Chuck is pooping like a regular cat again..

In all, I'd recommend this product to anyone who has pets... I'm truly a skeptical person and wouldn't have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes... absolutely AMAZING...


Chris, Jenny, Elie and Chuck Babb



I started feeding my dogs your organic vegetarian dog food for two reasons. First of all, all of my rescued babies have experienced digestional issues from the time I adopted them and I wanted to feed them something that was really good for them and would provide the nutrients they had not been able to previously absorb. Secondly, as a vegetarian, I am elated that Petguard has provided me with environmentally-friendly and more humane options to feed my fur-babies. While some will say that the food is pricey Buddy, Joey, Cubby and I all agree it is well worth it!! For the first time, none of them have experienced digestional issues and they love it.

Much thanks and please keep up the good work!



I just wanted to tell you that I had a cat who was 12 and diagnosed diabetic. He had allergies, asthma, a heart murmur, and FLUTD. He was given a prescription diet with a high fiber content...He got worse. I could not get his blood glucose regulated. I started to research pet foods. I brought info from you to my vet and she said she thought it was worth a try. I started to feed him Premium Feast, and within 7 weeks he was regulated, he only needed 2 units of insulin twice a day. He couldn’t get regulated before with the prescription high fiber diet. Your food did wonders for his blood sugar levels. Due to the diabetes, he had lost weight…and he gained it back, his fur was silky again. Two months after I found out he was diabetic, I was informed he was also FIV positive. He got so much stronger with your food. I did lose him in 2001 at age 14, but he was regulated with the diabetes and had 2 more good years thanks to PetGuard’s excellent quality food. The prescription high fiber food did not help him at all.

I used the Premium Feast because it had a high protein percentage and because he ate it with no problems. I also use it with my cats today, who are not diabetic. I really like your food quality....and I recommend. I also noticed you have a new dry food that is for less active cats...bravo...I am eager to try that. My cats like the dry cat food you have had for years....but I have one I have to watch her caloric intake. Thanks for a great product.

Myrtle Pfister


Dear PetGuard,

I just have to write and tell you my story regarding your Yeast & Garlic Wafers! I have a 7 year old cat who was a stray and came to me when he was approximately 6 months old. He was really ill and beaten up but after many vet visits, all of his problems were taken care of except for one……..he continued to have a skin problem. It was determined that he had allergies and believe me we have tried everything from different foods to steroid shots. Nothing worked and he has been 40 to 50% furless all of his little life.

A friend of mine gives her animals the PetGuard Yeast & Garlic Wafers and she gave me a couple for my cat. I just really didn’t want to use a harsh product on him this year because of his delicate skin and fur condition. She said to use the wafers instead.

A really amazing thing happened – after 5 days of taking one wafer a day, his fur started growing in!! It has now only been two weeks and he does not have one bald patch on his little body. He runs for the wafers when I get them out and he is so happy that he is no longer furless! We are thrilled and little kitty is so grateful!

Kitty’s Mom